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Made like no other tacos. Ten rock-solid recipes like Truffle Steak, Diablo Shrimp, and Burnt Ends in hot, soft tortillas. Inspired by the open road. Right from the Chef.


Toasted by hand, then prepped with chef-crafted awe-inspiring recipes like Tamarind Pork, Tongue and Cheek, Fish Tempura and more. 


Recipes that tap into the roots of mezcal are stirred with the best of what we discovered abroad and close-to-home attention to detail.

On tap are hand-picked, artisan brews & classic standards.

Our recipes were built on uncompromising adventure. The Tacos and Tortas menu features original chef-created recipes that will take you on a wild ride with crisp greens, hearty marinades, deep smoke…and a work of ingredients. Chef bowls like Pork Kimchi, Hamachi or Veggie all served on serrano jasmine rice. By their side are recipes like roasted crab dip and jalapeño mac n cheese. Then we bring you home with house desserts. 

In the heart of the agave is the secret to Mexico’s centuries old mezcal culture. We tap into it with a one-of-a-kind masters’ menu of cocktails paying homage to this exotic, strong, smoky spirit. Ancient fruits and flowers mix with the mezcal smoke and a range of spicy, head-turning ingredients in our cocktail recipes. And for mezcal virgins and aficionados alike, our bar is also stocked with curated, artisan mezcals each selected for their unique expression of one of the world’s most unique distilled spirits. 

Wind down the last hours of the day with icy beer and mixed recipes specials. Drop down from a high rise in Dallas. Even the kitchen is stirring with special happy hour offerings to take the day into sunset.

$3 Wine & Select Draft Beers

$4 House Wells & Margaritas


Truffle Steak Torta
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shrimp bowl noir small dark background
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Hamachi Bowl
Pescado Taco
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Pescado Torta



he was introduced to the trade at an early age. Starting with odd jobs, his father soon

recognized his talent and assigned him to be a production assistant.


Far too creative to be confined to the day-to-day, he took off to explore the world

and experience life unfiltered. Along the way, he picked up a body full of tattoos and

more than a few bad habits as he hit the road on his customized ‘64 motorcycle.


Eventually he returned to take over his father’s legacy while putting his own mark

on the shop, morphing it from its origin to customized cars, motorcycles,

tattoos and now spirits, tortas and tacos.